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Kefalonia, Greece - Summer 2005

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1. Argostoli

Wind: Light but producing an on-shore chop. Conditions rougher than usual apparently.

Destinatation: 8km

Boat: Perception Carolina (with Emma) - a bit of a bath tub, stable and slow (the kayak, not Emma)

Local trip from the headland North of Argostoli, following the coastline South to a landing near the monastery.

One of our party unlucky to capsize almost immediately, but I was glad of the rescue practice.

Good collection of caves, arches and sea stacksSmall beach for swimming and drying out a boat
Before a late 'lunch' stop (at 3pm, so not really lunch, even by Greek standards)Tiring trip for Emma, working too hard, as we all do when we start sea kayakingA fine evening run down the coast now in very calm conditions, finishing as the sun was setting


2. Marathonissi, Zakynthos

Wind: Light off-shore

Distance: 10km

Boat: Perception Excursion with Emma - not sure whether the rudder helped or hindered. Emma and I had become a paddling team by the end

Early start, with breakfast on the 7.45am ferry to Zakynthos, then a drive across the island to launch at Limni Keriou (bay of Keri)

South then West around the coast to Marathia
Quick stop for swimming and snorkellingRetraced our route a little, past some spectacular rock arches and caves, and then headed out to the island of Marathonissi (Turtle Island to the tourists). Wind and waves on the quarter of the big double which made it hard work (even when we eventually put the rudder down) but good for the lats.
Landed on a cave beach on Marathonissi

Quick circumnavigation of the island, then lunch on the 'famous' beach where the turtles (Caretta Caretta) come to lay.
Good straight paddle back to the port, then off to the campsite, before food and beer overlooking the day's trip.

Discovered the mixed news of winning the Olympic bid for 2012 and the bombing of London underground and bus system while sipping beer - totally surreal experience


3. The Blue Caves, Zakynthos

Wind: NW 4-5 (though mainly protected by sea cliffs)

Boat: Perception Excursion. Emma now paddling much more strongly, but we will both be glad to get out of this extended bath-tub and back to single kayaks.
Overland back to Agios Nikolaos (ferry port), via a view of the famous 'wreck' bay (you know it even if you have only seen one postcard of Greece).

Launched from surprising (artificial?) little beach at southern edge of the port.
Round the coast dodging the tourist boats. Wind gusting quite strongly from time to time, and Emma able to demonstrate her polo skills rescuing hats.

Blue caves are very blue (see paddle)
Whole coast makes for interesting paddlingYou can take a sea-kayak through the smallest of entrances...
And get out again!More blue seas, arches and caves
Sea conditions became rougher as we rounded the headland and started to become exposed to the NW wind - more Milos-like really.

'Lunch' at 5pm at awkward pull-out (but good snorkelling),
Easy run back to port, with time for a swim (James learning to roll) before catching the ferry back to Kefalonia.


4. South Kefalonia

Winds - Light and easy conditions


Boat: Pavlos's Prion Kodiak a very fast and effortless boat, and more stable than you would expect. Swapped boats with James halfway through the day - Prion Touryak - another easy boat to paddle, which would be a good touring boat if it had a skeg.

Launched just West of our local beach (Svoronata)
Paddled East to the big 'bat' cave, which had no bats but a party of school children insteadOut to the island of Dias (Zeus) about a mile offshore
Slightly awkward out at the foot of the monastery steps (alright, there is only a church there now) More snorkelling and jumping, before climbing the steps for lunch amongst the picturesque but guano-covered scenery
Back across to the mainland (about 2km) then through interesting mud arch to secluded beach where Emma and James practiced rolling etcRound the rocky headland to Lourdas


5. Skala to Poros

Wind: West and due to veer NW (hence the location)

Distance: 10km

Boat: Perception Carolina - made the day seem long
Launched from long tourist beach at Skala - paddling northish with a light tail wind. Most of the coast appears to be partially eroded volcanic cliff above a sea-level ledge - a very nasty lee-shore in strong winds, but pleasant and interesting today. Many rock formations and gardens.
Easy enough paddling, but still seemed quite a long way till the lunch stop at a superb little beach amogst rock arches.Rounded the headland, then across the bay (about 2km) with a good following swell - some of which was surfable. Emma storming along.

At Poros waited for one ferry out, then another in. Produced a fun wash, before landing.

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