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Milos, Greece - Summer 2004

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1. Adamas to the Bears

Wind: N5-6, squally

Distance: 10km

Boat: Perception Fastnet which was good into the wind, but tried to weathercock in any other direction. Stern wanders around in any following sea.

Just west of Adamas round the headland and then following the coast NW to Fourkovouni with breakfast stop at Klima.

Nosed out round the headland and paddled to shelter of Arkoudes rocks (The Bears).

Return trip easy with following wind except for last leg (headwind) to the beach.


2. Voudia Bay to Paliochori

Wind: N6-7 dropping 5-6 later - warning of very strong gusts

Distance: 12km

Tailwind trip with launch from the Voudia bay, near the Varitine Factory.Wind pretty fierce especially round the first big headland (Kastanas), and glad of a rudder, though mainly used it as a skeg.

Conditions eased a bit once wind and wave were from the same direction (N) and some waves were surfable.

James swapped boats with Ed who was struggling a bit.
Visited the Grandfather Cave with a rough entrance Not much natural light inside
Lunch under the bridge at mineworkingsA visit to old sulphur mines including the hot room (this is not done any more for H&S reasons)
Welcome swim afterwards with Emma (visiting Aussie) promising to take all her clothes off (sorry, no picture).

Good run down to tourist beach at Paliochori (where many had already taken off all their clothes) with the now traditional head wind to finish.


3. Kiriaki beach to Spathi

Wind: N6-7 as usual
Distance: 'Training Trip' of only about 6km Boat: RTM Ysak. Very easy to paddle, though a little wayward in a following sea (better seat than the one I had tried before).
Rescue practice with combined breakfast and lunch on protected secluded beach. Method taught is a better method of emptying boat/recovering occupant.Bit of headwind practice including the end as usual.

Catherine paddled strongly throughout (though we will have to confiscate her rudder) and can rescue me after a wet exit. Snorkelled to the famous sauna cave (too far for me to swim).


4. Kimolos

Wind: N6 with warning of strong gusts

Distance: 15 km

Launched at Pollonia in shelter of bay, giving some respite from the conditions before crossing open waterThen straight across to Kimolos - only just over 1km crossing, but difficult in N/NW wind with swell and some large waves (ferry finding the going difficult, and a yacht with two handkerchiefs as sails).
Well deserved rest before going up the east coast of Kimolos to Psathi (port) for iced coffeeThen NE again to rocks to pick up a line to run down (some rafting) to Agh. Efstathios for lunch
Good caves for exploring by boat and snorkelling Idyllic and isolated spot with diving, tombstoning and snorkelling

Bit of a fight back across to the coast of Kimolos (now paddling with Catherine), and then back to Pollonia.

Caught a good wave near the breakwater which helped.


5. Kleftico

Wind: N4-5

Return trip to Kleftico from Psathi. Distance: 15km Boat: Rainbow Laser which was pleasant and quick, but does not track as well as a Capella, whatever Rod says.
Easy downwind paddling on the way thereLunch on rock, away from our first sighting of tourists (who were visiting Kleftico by yacht/ferry).
Amazing rocks and arches, and good jumping spotsBlue cave on the way back, and then a quick finish with everyone paddling well.

James seemed to have an outboard motor.

Swifts flying in and out of caves, and Eleanora's Falcon seen regularly along the trip. Some small 'flying' fish.


6. North Coast

Wind: S2 variable

Distance: 12km

North coast trip from Mandrakia east via caves (not as impressive as Kleftico)

Easy paddling in light winds to Sarakiniko 'beach'Impressive shipwreck nearby
More gentle paddling to Mitikas for food and skills session (not a surfing beach today). Roger proved that it is impossible to get into a Prijon Barracuda when it is afloat. Short crossing out to Glaronisia for snorkel/jumping session. James and Roger going for the big one (12m+). Steady paddle back to Mandrakia (aiming straight for Plaka). 12km paddled.


7. Akradia

Wind: S5-6

Distance: 13km

Boat: Pretty near the limit for the Laser, as the waves tended to knock its high prow downwind even though it coped well otherwise.

From Firopotamos north to headland (C. Kambanes) then west to C. Lakida From there, down to beach at Nerodafni for morning stop to 'show the newbies what seakayaking really is' (leaving beach in surf).

Quick breakfast waiting until the high speed ferry has passed.Then a solid push over to the island (Megali Akradia).
Wind is a solid 5 until near the island then 'funelling' 6 - so it was tough rounding the point and still quite rough in what should have been the lee of the island. Decision made not to attempt usual circumnavigation of Akradia

Good snorkelling off bouldery beach - some climbed near to summit on loose scree.

Wind would not be kind and drop (despite forecast), and often gusted 7 with plenty of spume, though sea state only 5/6.

Tough but exhilarating trip back (2km) to coast of Milos with two under tow.

James thought it all 'brilliant' but Catherine was not quite as enthusiastic! Welcome beer on the beach.

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