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Cornwall - Summer 2009


1. Padstow

Distance 6km

Paddlers : Catherine and Paul

A tour of Rock, Padstow and the lower Camel Estuary

We were just going to pop out for a quick paddle, but once we got
to Rock we thought of following the ferry across to Padstow. Quick
tour of the harbour which was larger than expected, and then straight
back to Gentle Jane over the sand banks.
View from Gentle Jane


2. Wadebridge

Distance 12km

Paddlers: Catherine and Paul, and later, Rich and Paul

Photos are from two different trips, and in no particular order A well protected, easily navigated trip that could be done in almost any weather. More interesting at the Wadebridge end than further downstream.
Paul approaching the new bridge Traffic on the Wadebridge bypass
Approaching Wadebridge Above the old bridge
Approaching the old bridge Looking downstream
Sad looking vessel Easy cruising
Easy cruising Upper reaches of the Camel


3. Smugglers Cove

Distance 22km

Paddlers: Catherine, Emma, Rich and Paul

Rich had a bit of a mare getting hold of kit for this trip, and ended up with two ancient Perception Aquaterra Chinooks. Neither had backrests, and there was one more hatch than hatch covers

We managed to cobble together a couple of backrests out of Karrimat and rope and stuffed a hatch with buoyancy before adding a lid made from a piece of plywood found on the beach, and an old spray deck

Chinook with flight deck Smugglers Cove, Pentire Head
Easy paddle downstream with the tide to the Doom Bar. Don't recommend stopping here as the sand is very soft as one of the team found out. Surf landing at the western end of Daymar bay for a quick break before tackling the lumpy stuff off Pentire head Which was indeed lumpy, and combined with the atlantic swell disabled one of our number with sea-sickness. Still that's why we carry towlines, and despite the wash from the 'Jubilee Queen' all safely made it through the Mouls channel to Smugglers (for another surf landing).
Leaving Smugglers Rich leaving Smugglers
Seemed a long way back, with the lumpy conditions extending all the way to Daymar Bay (some big sets just after we turned the corner). Took my turn on the towline as Rich was looking pretty tired, then easy cruising with the tide back to Gentle Jane.


4. The Pub

Distance 22km

Paddlers: Catherine and Paul

Sometimes the tide, weather and geography combine to your advantage. A quick paddle 'round the corner' to the pub at Rock, and a chance to put some Doom Bar on the inside.
Padstow from Gentle Jane Lower Camel estuary
Cath in pink hat

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