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Enhanced with Snapshots

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Anglesey trips


1. The Stacks courtesy of Mair and Billy (13k)

Getting ready at Porth Dafarch Fine Conditions
1) Getting ready at Porth Dafarch 2) Fine Conditions
Porth Ruffydd Paddlers leaving Porth Ruffydd
3) Porth Ruffydd 4) Paddlers leaving Porth Ruffydd
The scary bit - Penrhyn Mawr Towards South Stack
5) The scary bit - Penrhyn Mawr 6) Towards South Stack
South Stack Heading for North Stack
7) South Stack 8) Heading for North Stack
Heading Back The view South
9) Heading Back 10) The view South
Climbers on Castell Helen Mair being brave
11) Climbers on Castell Helen 12) Mair being brave


2. Menai Strait (18k)

Getting ready at Gallows Point Weather not all that promising
1) Launching at Gallows Point 2) Weather not all that promising
Easy paddling near the Anglesey shore Making good progress
3) Easy paddling near the Anglesey shore 4) Making good progress with the tide
Threatening clouds Menai Bridge in view
5) Some very heavy rain during which we sang
happy birthday to Rich
6) Menai Bridge coming into view
Approaching the suspension bridge In the swellies
7) Approaching the suspension bridge. If you have
timed it right you can pick any arch
and keep well away from the traffic
8) Paddling down the 'middle' of the strait after a visit to Church Island
Nelson below Marquis Weather not improving
9) Through the new bridge, and keep right to visit Nelson 10) Weather not really on our side
Caernarfon in view A tired paddler
11) Caernarfon in view at the end of the trip 12) 18k was far enough for Emma, but she is still smiling


3. Beaumaris to Moelfre (25k)

Launch at Gallows Point Penmon
1) Launching at Gallows Point 2) Penmon lighthouse (No Landward Passage ...)
Penmon shingle beach James Bond's garage
3) Breakfast on the shingle beach at Penmon 4) Strange quarried inlet, then poor visibility across Red Wharf Bay
Climber Distant Moelfre
5) Self belayed climber sieging a route 6) Moelfre is over there somewhere
Better visibility Not far now
7) Better visibility 8) Not far now
Ynys Moelfre
9) Ynys Moelfre, and the end of our trip (25k)


4. Moelfre to Cemlyn (29k)

Launch at Moelfre Ynys Dulas
1) Launching at Moelfre 2) Ynys Dulas (Spike Island) with lots of seals
Porth Eilian East Mouse
3) Round Point Lynas (strong tidal flow) to the calm of Porth Eilian 4) Along the North coast to East Mouse and the delights of Amlwch
Octel Bull Bay
5) The baroque architecture of the old Octel plant 6) Bull Bay (Porth Llechog)
Wylfa Cemlyn
7) Across Cemaes bay and around Wylfa Head 8) To Cemlyn (29k)


5. Mermaid to Rhosneigr (26k)

All the kit Llanddwyn
1) Emma checking all the kit 2) Breakfast stop on Llanddwyn
Malltraeth Dolphin
3) Crossing the Malltraeth estuary 4) We are joined by a group of dolphins
St Cwyfan Cruising
5) Lunch at St Cwyfan's church bay 6) The quiet before the storm of Rhosneigr (26k)

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