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Milos, Greece - Summer 2008

Milos trips 2008

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1. Klima

Wind North F6

Distance 12km

Paddlers : Rod and Catherine in the double, Paul, Per, Jergen, Hannah, Toni (the Danes), and two day visitors from New Zealand, Deb and Grant

Some bigger waves than expected early on, and a bit of a battle to get to the Bears

Super-fit DanesBreakfast at Klima
Fast trip with the super fit Danes starting at AdamasKlima for breakfast
Heading for the Bears

Day visitors in the double
Heading for the 'Bears' for funFourkovouni for lunch then back to Adamas


2. Sulphur Mines

Wind North F6/F5/F6

Distance 10km

Paddlers: Rod and Catherine in double, Paul, Per, Jergen, Hannah, Toni, and two day visitors, Kelly from Canada and Horazio from Italy

Per on his way to Sulphur MinesKelly and Horazio in the double
Palaeohori to Firligos (about halfway) was pretty straightforwardBut Kelly and Horatio in a double found it pretty tough from there on, and despite a tow from Rod and Catherine were never likely to round the headland just south of the sulphur mines
Lunch stop at new beach Paul rolling
Destination abandoned in favour of a new beach, which provided a very pleasant lunchtime stopPaul was pleased to manage 3 rolls in a row after 18 months rest (must have had a good teacher)
Playing at lunch stop Rod rolling the double
Spent an enjoyable time messing about in boatsKelly outdid Rod in holding her breath when rolling the double - not a surprise if you have met her


3. Kleftico

Wind West F2/3 (ish)

Distance 17km

Paddlers: Rod and Catherine in double, Paul, Per, Jergen, Hannah, Toni, and four day visitors, Andrea and Alan (on honeymoon from Netherlands), and Milly and Dave from UK

Excellent relaxing trip, though felt rather 'cooked' by the end of the day, which made the (now draught) beer at Kafenio Peros very welcome

Kleftico was very busy with some very expensive charter boats on view but the usual lunch stop was peaceful and away from the crowds (although shade does not last long, sadly)

Paul on his way to Kleftico
Nice to have an easy paddling day in light windsNegotiating the ore-cargo ship on our way to Kleftico, who was going where, and who could see whom?
Catherine was keen to do a short leg in a single but glad not to have to be keeping up with the Danes all dayIt did mean Paul had the chance to paddle a double with Rod. Not sure their configuration was the most efficient as Rod insisted on having his first go ever in the front of a double
Excellent caves
The usual amazing caves at KlefticoThe honeymooners enjoying the romance of Kleftico


4. South Coast Trip

Wind North F6

Distance 15km

Paddlers : Rod and Catherine in the double, Paul, Per, Jergen, Hannah, Toni, plus Angela and Enric from Catalan

Gentle (and in terms of the wind, rather misleading) start at ProvatasPleasant and interesting paddling to Tsigrado. Angela not all that happy, so the Catalan double did not do 'round the island, or as it turned out, venture any further East
Wind strong with challenging downdrafts on the next leg (heading for 'goat' point - Kalamos), but Per wanted to go further, which added an extension (all against F6 headwind) into the next bay, resulting in sore shoulders all roundBack to Yerakas for lunch where Catherine rolled (after 18 months rest) in blustery conditions and Hannah started to learn

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